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  • Apex Trading: Weekly Trading Bulletin 9-13 November 2020 9th Nov 2020
    It was a risk on week last week as market participants began pricing in a Biden Presidency. With the confirmation on Saturday that Joe Biden had clinched the US Presidency, the risk on mood continued on Monday, with the MSCI world Index hitting all-time highs. Notwithstanding the challenges of a divided congress, a Biden Presidency […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • More Dollar weakness ahead? 2 trades to take advantage of that weakness! 21st Oct 2020
    Global markets are still moving up and down, as traders and investors continue to react to daily headlines relating to a US stimulus package. The market is of course hopeful that a package may come before the November 3rd elections, but only time will tell if that will be achieved. Though the ‘When’ is still […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Apex Trading: Weekly Trading Bulletin 12-16 October 2020 12th Oct 2020
    Stimulus negotiations in the US are not going anywhere in a hurry, but global stocks continue pushing higher on hopes that a deal might be reached before the November 3rd elections. In a dramatic turn of events last week, President called off the stimulus negotiations, only for the same negotiations to resume later during the […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Apex Trading: Weekly Trading Bulletin 28 September-2 October 2020 29th Sep 2020
    It was another sell-off week last, with most Indices around the globe, including the US’s S&P 500 completing its 4th week of losses, something that was last seen in August of 2019. Commodities were under pressure, as they were reacting to a stronger US Dollar. We are however seeing some relief so far this week, […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Apex Trading: Weekly Trading Bulletin 21-25 September 2020 22nd Sep 2020
    It was a risk-off mood across global markets for most of last week, and the risk off sentiment is still holding so far this week. In the US, the S&P 500 hasn’t seen a positive close since last Wednesday. Whether the sell off is a correction, or the beginning of a bear market, is a […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Apex Trading: Weekly Bulletin, 7-11 September 2020 7th Sep 2020
    It was a case of another week, another record highs for most of last week for the S&P 500; until Thursday when the much ‘expected’ and ‘anticipated’ breather took place. The sell-off would continue into Friday’s session, and only time will tell if the US 3-day weekend will help put a pause to the selloff […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Avoid falling into ‘The Dunning Kruger Effect’: A 4 step process 3rd Sep 2020
    Have you ever been at a social or business gathering, where you get that one guy who just seem to know everything, and have a way of drowning the thoughts and opinions of others out every discussion? More often than not, should you listen attentively to what the guy may be saying, you will end […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Apex Trading: Weekly Trading Bulletin 31 August-4 September 2020 31st Aug 2020
    Welcome to Apex Trading’s Weekly News bulletin, which you can now expect every Monday morning. This is a look at what we have in our Apex Trading Portfolio as we head into the week, and what set ups we’ll be eyeing for short, medium- and long-term trading opportunities. Apex Trading is Unum Capital’s Multi-strategy, Multi-asset, […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Overcoming your worse Trading enemy, yourself! 20th Aug 2020
    Imagine being your number 1 enemy! Difficult to imagine, right? That’s understandable, because naturally as a human being, no one should have your best interests at heart better than you! While this is true in many aspects of life, when it comes to trading, it just isn’t true; a trader’s behaviour can actually be detrimental […]
    Innocent Maponde
  • Don’t jump in front of a moving train! 29th Jul 2020
    This week’s article is meant to address an issue I have recently realised is more prevalent among retail FX traders than I initially thought. The issue of ‘jumping in front of a moving train’, as I prefer to call it! Its inverse being ‘catching a falling knife’. ‘Catching a falling knife’ is a phase generally […]
    Innocent Maponde

Question 1:

"Can you add a short postion?" - Craig

Not at the start, but we may consider adding short positions later.

Question 2:

"You said we that we can put in a bid. What does this mean?"

To get better entry levels we sometimes will leave a bid in the market, rather than just buy at the market price.

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